Creative play

Alpha and Beta are my twin boys. Alpha asked if he could dress up like Cinderella. The answer is always “Of course!” when we aren’t on our way somewhere else, requiring him to be in actual clothes. We have a costume box that the boys can access at will.

Alpha – I need a prince charming.

Me (Mom) – I’ll be prince charming.

Alpha – No, prince charming is a boy.

This is fascinating because the boys are frequently Cinderella, Anna, Elsa, etc. and gender has never come into it. They know boys and girls but this has never been a limitation of play.

Mom – Ok, I respond.

Alpha – Beta, can you be prince charming?

Beta – No, I’m Lightening McQueen. Prince Charming is at work. <meaning Dad>

Mom – Will that work Alpha?

Alpha – No, he needs to be here.

Mom – I offered to be prince charming. <gentle reminder>

Alpha – You can be prince charming if you pretend you are Beta being prince charming.

Mom – Deal


Do your kids have a favorite character to play, particularly one that crosses gender roles?